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UR Power App is built and delivered 100% on every device. Our design and development team ensures that your business looks welcoming to do business with and is optimized to be your online acquisition tool to attract new audiences. Start seizing opportunities on with an App that may have otherwise been costly, unsupported, and with lack of guidance.

UR Power App Made Easy

Guided support through the entire process giving you a way to cultivate your ideas with our programmers in a collaborative atmosphere.
Guided Strategy
Live agents available by phone and text to ensure that all your questions are answered. Whether day or night you have support when you are ready to move forward.
Live Customer Support
Developers on standby waiting to make the adjustments and build the features you need to enhance your user experience and increase engagment.
Customization and Development

Launch Your APP In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We begin by making team introductions and taking some time to identify the end goals of your website design project. We explore and answer specific questions to get to know your business and develop the scope, project plan and agreement for your project.

Step 2: Customer Journey Map

We help build a visual representation of your customer process to achieve a business goal with your company. In turn, we create a Customer Journey Map to understand how to develop the most effective process for your website’s interaction with your audience.

Step 3: App Design Selection

UR Power Apps are designed on a custom platform built for your needs. We will email links for you to tour demo apps that relate to your website design goals. In turn, you will select the site that closely represents what you visualize for your business.

Step 4: App Development

After the demo App has been selected, we customize your site by keeping the elements you want and discarding the ones that you don’t want. We go through several rounds of revisions with you until the App meets your 100% satisfaction.

Step 5: Approval, Testing and Launch

Once the App has had all its visuals and content approved, we will prepare it for testing and launch. We test each page to make sure all links are operational and that the App loads properly on all devices and browsers. We receive your final payment and launch your site on its final domain.

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